• EAT ART Featuring Venice Artist Debbie Zeitman

    WABI SABI VENICE presents photographic art by Debbie Zeitman opening on May 8th, 2018. The show will also feature a selection of local artist portraits and quotes from the @BeforeTheyGo project.

    EAT ART is a collaboration between Venice restaurants and local artists founded by Debbie Zeitman (photographer, writer), Barbara Lavery (artist), Brent Moon (Manager, Wabi Sabi), Sylvia Saether (writer, director).

  • About EAT ART

    The heart of Venice has always been its local artists. EAT ART helps ensure these artists are supported, integrated and remain at the center of our community.


    Launched on April 11th 2017 at WABI SABI VENICE, EAT ART has presented a series of events to promote Venice artists work within restaurant spaces on Abbot Kinney. Our goal is to showcase the artists' work and provide an opportunity for people to meet the artists and schedule studio visits.


    April 11th - EAT ART Opening for Barbara Lavery

    June 13th - EAT ART Opening for Rohitash Rao

    September 11th - EAT ART Opening for Alejandro Gehry

    November 14th - EAT ART Opening for Sunny Bak & Robby Krieger

    February 13th, 2018 - EAT ART Opening for Emily Van Horn

    April 3rd, 2018 - EAT ART Opening for Flavio Bisciotti

    May 8th, 2018 - EAT ART Opening for Debbie Zeitman


    Each monthly event features a Venice artist whose work will hang for one month in the restaurant. Artists provide postcards/contact information to be distributed through the restaurant during the month.


    As more restaurants join the EAT ART effort, multiple artists will be featured in multiple locations. EAT ART diners can visit one restaurant for cocktails & appetizers, one for dinner and one for dessert. Signature cocktails and dishes will be created in the EAT ART theme.

  • Artist Debbie Zeitman

    Debbie Zeitman



    Debbie Zeitman's photographic life began as a freelance photographer for the Associated Press covering primarily sports. Now her eyes drift to life's everyday rich details, whether tiny or grand. Her passion for examining society continues to grow, as does her interest in working to build community. Debbie often uses her art as a tool with the goal of provoking conversation and effecting change. In addition, Debbie advocates for all animals and lives a vegan lifestyle.


    Debbie is a co-founder of the EAT ART project and runs the @beforetheygo project documenting Venice artists in their studios.


    Debbie is showing photographic art works at Wabi Sabi, May 8th 2018 onwards.


    See more of Debbie's work


  • EAT ART - Chef Rain

    Memories of Thailand

    Chef Rain

    Executive Chef - Wabi Sabi Venice

    EAT ART Chef

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